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Yoga Class


I was first introduced to yoga by a college friend, in a Las Vegas hotel room, where she showed me how to do sun salutations. At the time, I was training for a half marathon and decided to take some yoga classes when I returned home to help me stay healthy and uninjured during training. I continued taking various yoga classes from Hatha to flow, for many years. That grew in to something that would be with me forever!


In January 2019 a friend and mentor of mine hosted a 200hr yoga teacher training in her home. Nervous that I wasn’t flexible enough, or a strong enough yogi, I jumped into the course with my fingers crossed that I was making a good decision. I quickly learned that if you are alive, you can be a yogi. There are no rules for flexibility or strength. Initially, I took the training to improve my own home practice. I quickly realized I had a passion for teaching and helping others get out of their own heads when it came to their yoga ability.


I am grateful for my two wild and energetic kids, Aislin and Fynn, along with my very athletic husband Ryan. My practise helps me to be more patient and grounded as I am a Paramedic with Alberta Health Services. Since finishing my yoga teacher training I have taught friends and family yoga in my backyard. I am an absolute lover of the outdoors and I find that Yoga in the outdoors, amongst the trees and singing birds, is one of the best ways to connect to oneself and relax.


Yin yoga is the style I prefer to share with the world, but I also teach some yin/yang style classes to help my students get a balance of both strength and stretch. During my classes I will be offering mostly Yin yoga. A style that helps our body’s facia to release by holding poses for 1-10 minutes. It is often referred to as meditative yoga, since you are with yourself and your thoughts for longer periods. That of course doesn’t mean I won’t throw in som more flow or yin/yand style classes too though.


I am super excited to share some yoga with anyone looking for some stretch, connection, and a few laughs with GoodFitz Wellness and Adventure. I’m definitely not your stereotypical yogi!  I hope you find my classes refreshing, enjoyable, and even a little fun!



Thank you!

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