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Winter Hike


Love to travel? Move your body? Connect with others? Try new things? But hate to do all the planning? Join a Goodfitz Wellness and Adventures retreat. You have all the fun. We do all the work.

Snowshoe, Yoga, Tubing Retreat

Nakiska Ski Resort

Our snowshoe, yoga, and tubing retreat came from an idea I had, while out hiking with my kids, in the depths of the 1st covid lockdown. I thought to myself, if we weren’t locked down, away from everyone right now, what would I want to do? Connection and laughter instantly came to mind. Connection and laughter with friends, family, and strangers. I was missing it all! Next step was to figure out how to bring people together and almost guarantee laughter and connection. I find moving my body outdoors with others, especially in sacred spaces like the mountains, always brings connection and tobogganing always makes a person laugh… even if it is out of a little fear. Nakiska Ski Resort seemed like the perfect place to make it all happen. We will snowshoe up the mountain, drink some hot chocolate, partake in my highly creative class of snowshoe yoga…. Yep, we will be wearing our snowshoes to do the yoga class. I’m sure that will bring out some laughter too. Then we will end our time on the mountain with tubing, in the Nakiska Tube Park. Along the way we can get to know each other, cheer each other on, get in some cardio, stretching, and hopefully some of those elusive belly laughs.

Winter Sports

Shift Adventures, Mexico Retreat

Bucerias, Mexico

Our Mexico retreat was born out of a hike with a college friend, and we are sharing our dreams to help people get active, shift their mindset, and reach their goals. We both shared our ideas of offering retreats to help people chose themselves, and to challenge themselves. My friend had an opportunity to rent a house in beautiful Bucerias Mexico, for a group of us to enjoy together. I offered to teach some yoga classes and to invite some friends to participate. November 2021 was our inaugural retreat and what a success it was! We learned a lot, and we can’t wait to share our next adventure with you. Shift Adventures, a joint venture between Goodfitz Wellness and Adventure and Rowen Adventure. We take care of everything! From the accommodations, to bringing in a chef to make you breakfast, at the beautiful home. There will be daily fitness and/or yoga on the rooftop at sunrise, ocean swims, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, roof top massages, and more. We take care of dinner and two drinks on the first and last nights, and we have lots of suggestions of places to eat in between. Did we mention we even take you for a private cooking class at one of Bucerias’ finest restaurants!  How do you get to all of these activities? Don’t worry we take care of transportation too.  We even leave lots of time for relaxing by the pool, chilling on the beach, and exploring the town of Bucerias on your own. We take care of all the details, we just ask that you bring your sense of adventure, willingness to try new things, and a desire to grow and connect!


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